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What is One-to-One Marketing?


We use Variable Data Color Printing, along with
Personalized URLs (pURLs) and Personalized
Emails to create a 1:1 Direct Marketing Campaign.



What does that mean for your campaign?


• Increased Reponse Rates

• Greater ROI (Return on Investment)

• Real-time Campaign Tracking

• Easily Qualify Responders

• Multi-Touch, Multi-Media, Multi-Cycle Approach



The Power of One-to-One Marketing . . .


• 44% increase in response rates by adding only a name to a static black and white direct mail piece*


• 45% increased response by adding color only to the same direct mail piece*


• 135% response-rate increase by adding color and name*


• 500% increase in response rates by adding database information as well as color and name*


*Romano and Broudy Study, as cited in Profiting through Personalization, Xerox, 2001

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